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Frequently Asked Questions

TwoSmiles Cards combine a greeting and gift card in one that you can print right from your home printer. They are an easy and smart way to select, customize, and print a gift for any occasion. Just pick from hundreds of free designs, select a retailer and an amount, and then personalize with your own message.
Your TwoSmiles Card can be used at the retailer you select when you create the card.
Expiration dates are set by the card retailer. Check the information on the card itself or visit the Merchant Info section.
When you create a TwoSmiles Card, you'll get an email receipt containing a link to your card on the TwoSmiles website. You can click that link and then print the card wherever you like: at a friend's printer or a print center. You could even send the email to your intended recipient, and then he or she could print the TwoSmiles Card.
When you create a TwoSmiles Card, you'll get an email receipt with a link to your card on the TwoSmiles website. You can click that link and then reprint the card wherever you like, and as many times as you like. The retailer keeps track of how and when the card is redeemed, so you'll have access to whatever amount is left on the card.
If you visit the retailer, employees should be able to tell you your card balance. You may also be able to find this information on the card retailer's website. To find a link to the merchant's website, check the Merchant Info section.
You can print your card as many times as you like, and you can use any of the copies of the card at the retailer you select. The retailer keeps track of the account balance and, of course, you can only spend the amount you originally purchased for the card.
You pay only the face value of the card, and for the ink and paper you print it on.
No. You have to enter payment details to purchase a TwoSmiles Card, but you do not need to create an account.
You are charged immediately upon purchase. The purchase will appear on your next credit card billing statement.
Can you read the number below the bar code? If that is legible, the card should work, though the number may have to be entered manually when you check out with your purchase at the retailer. If you can’t read the bar code, please try printing your TwoSmiles Card again and see if that solves it.
Double-check your credit card number and expiration date. Try re-entering your payment details, or try a different credit card.
You can reprint the card any time you like by clicking the link in the email receipt. You can also forward the email with the link to a print center, or a friend with a different printer. For help with an HP printer, go to, select your region and printer, and then type 'troubleshooting print quality' into the search bar at the top of the page.
You might be able to find your email receipt in your 'Deleted' folder (and if you didn't get your email in the first place, make sure to check your 'Junk' folder). Or contact us for support. We will ask you a few questions and then resend the email to you.
Sorry, no. The retailers that are listed are the only options available. However, more will be added in the future.
Sorry, TwoSmiles Cards currently work in the U.S. only.
We do not store your credit card information. Click HP's Privacy Statement to see our privacy statement.
Absolutely! We're adding new cards all the time. Please let us know what you would like to see by sending us a comment. In the meantime, many of our cards can be used for multiple occasions. Just click to edit and then change the sentiment, and print!
If you have trouble purchasing, printing, or ordering your TwoSmiles Card, send an email to HP support. If you have trouble using your TwoSmiles Card, contact the card retailer directly. There may be a support number printed on the card, or you can find contact information in the Merchant Info section.